5 Minutes With... Geoff Peterson, Loan Market

by Maya Breen08 Jan 2016
Geoff Peterson of Loan Market was told some great advice as a boy, “Any mug can earn a dollar, the secret is knowing how to keep it.”

Years in the industry: 24, 18 as an Adviser Location: Auckland wide

Why did you get into mortgage broking?
When I began it was Superannuation, then added Life Insurance and then clients started asking for help with their mortgages, so it was a natural progression.

How would you sum up mortgage advisers in three words? 
Trustworthy, Time-Generous, Professional.

What advice would you give to a new mortgage adviser?
Be honest always, do more than you need to, have patience.

How would you change the industry? 
Add legislation so that all clients borrowing money do so with a registered Adviser only, and double commission (just dreaming…)

What’s the most important thing an adviser can do to develop their business?
Put their client’s first, and just listen between the lines. Do what you say you will do.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
My Great Uncle Eric told me two things as a boy;
“Any mug can earn a dollar, the secret is knowing how to keep it.”
“Head for thinking, Feet for dancing.”

If you were Prime Minister for one day, what would you do?
Sack all the non-productive MP’s.
Fast track rapid electric rail to East and North Auckland
Level all tax types to 20% incl. GST. Start tax at $20,000 p.a.
Make Financial Literacy a core subject at primary & secondary school
Start production of our own petroleum fuels, legislate phasing out of imported oil within 5 years.
Subsidise solar panel installation for every home, office in NZ.
Create tax benefits for Regional development & new regional businesses that employ 50 people or more.
Sign off a project to build a water supply pipe from the West coast to the East coast of the South Island.
Sign off to build an Auckland Harbour tunnel, and invest in development in the far North and East Coast regions. Just a day’s work….

What has been the highlight of your career?
Being voted my peers to represent them in our industry association the PAA, since 2005.
Having clients stay with me for over 18 years, and the friendships & mutual trust developed.

What’s your favoured style of coffee?
Affogato – served in an Italian city

Union, league, soccer or other?
Union and League, cycling, road and track running, tennis.

If you could invite three people to dinner, dead or alive, and excluding family and friends, who would they be and why?
Leonardo Di Vinci – creative genius, and I enjoy learning about his inventions
Robin Williams – everyone would laugh till they cried
Richard Branson – because he never gives up …. and has a few stories he can share

Complete this sentence: If I wasn’t in mortgage broking, I would be…
… missing out on these interviews. Happy holidays everyone.

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