Building an empire

by NZ Adviser11 Sep 2015

“…[W]e started off managing about eight to 10 real estate offices at that time. It was just myself and my two business partners, who were financial planners.  We started having different conversations, not just about rate, but about strategy and structure, wealth creation, and the difference between offset accounts and redraw facilities, which not everyone is really across.

“After many years of door knocking with those real estate agents and convincing them to work with us, which was hard, eventually the tide kind of turned and they were wanting to work with us. They could see we were getting some results for them, and the feedback was well-received from the clients they were sending our way.”

Since then the business has grown rapidly from managing eight to 10 real estate offices, to currently managing around 40 LJ Hooker real estate offices throughout Sydney. Lambros has had to constantly be on a recruitment drive to keep up with growth, but he says there are no plans to start slowing down.

“Recruitment has been tough, but it has also been pretty rewarding when you have got some people that have stayed with you for a number of years and you have seen them grow, just as someone once gave me the opportunity. That has been really enjoyable.

“Now we are sitting at about 11 active brokers with two in training, so we will be at 13 soon and wanting to grow. We will need to get to about 20 to work with the current territory that we are supporting. Once we get there, the territory will grow again and we will recruit again.

“We had to move into this office space because we got to the point in our last office where we were telling brokers ‘sorry you will have to actually work from the office or you have to work from home because we don’t have the room for you’. That was not an ideal conversation so we moved to a bigger place where we can now house everyone.”

But LJ Hooker Home Loans Eastern Suburbs isn’t just about the home loan. Lambros also has a team of financial planners, buyers agents and conveyancers. He has built the true definition of a “one-stop-stop”.

“It is all about understanding the ‘why’ with us: why do you want to do this? What is your idea of your financial freedom? Once we understand that, we can then go into the structuring and the strategy and we can pull in whoever we need – whether it is a financial planner or a buyer’s agent or a conveyancer,” he told said.

“We want to be that business where people don’t have to look anywhere else, and the internal communication is so clear that everything goes well.”

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