Building an empire

by NZ Adviser11 Sep 2015

No topic is off-bounds at these training sessions, whether it is small administrative tasks or technical knowledge. Previous sessions so far have included everything from how to conduct yourself in a phone conversation better, how to deal with rejection, and how to structure your day. They have also covered more technical aspects of broking, such as how to process an application, how to structure a submission and when to do your compliance.

Creating a culture focussed on training comes from the top, says Lambros. This is why he, as the director, is heavily involved in both running and attending all training sessions.

“It is about getting their knowledge up and in order to do that, it comes from the top. I need to make sure that I am at the peak of where I need to be in order to give them what they need in order to lift them.

“Some days they might be down and out because they have had a lot of rejection on the phone and it is tough.  And I have got to be there to help them go ‘look, today was a tough day, don’t worry about it. You have got to shake it off; you have got to dust yourself off. Tomorrow you will pick yourself up and go again and it will be alright.’

“There is that and then you just keep adding to their skillset and it is all a part of their training,” Lambros said.

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