AppraiseMe removes fees for real estate agents

by Duffie Osental09 Jun 2021

AppraiseMe has announced that real estate agents can now use its online property appraisal platform for free.

Launched last month, the AppraiseMe online platform was initially only free for homeowners, with real estate agents paying a monthly fee to access properties to appraise across New Zealand.

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However, Justin Castle, director at AppraiseMe, said he removed the fees to “even up the playing field.”

“While we had great feedback about the online service from both vendors and real estate agents, we saw a way to make the platform even better,” said Castle. “By making it free for everyone we are giving real estate agents at every level of the business, from industry beginners to superstar agents, a chance to participate.”

Castle said that he sees his free online appraisal platform as a way to “help support the industry and make the process more sustainable and efficient for both homeowners and real estate agents.”

“Homeowners don’t have to stress about making a specific time to meet an agent to go through their home,” said Castle. “And if there is another pandemic, the industry does not have to stop dead in its tracks. There is now a better way to appraise property.”

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