Auckland’s Unitary Plan revealed

by NZ Adviser27 Jul 2016
Auckland’s long-awaited new ‘rulebook’ went live today on the Auckland Council website, the NZ Herald reports. 

The newly released Unitary Plan recommends more urban sprawl and greater intensification for Auckland, expanding the city’s urbany boundary to make 30% more land available for housing. 

Three years in development, the plan will detail what can be built,where and what height buildings can go.

The proposal will provide 422,000 dwellings over the next 30 years; 22% of single homes on traditional sections are to be rezoned for intensification; and residential zones will receive density controls.

270,000 new dwellings will be built within the existing urban boundary and 152,000 in rural areas and around towns like Warkworth, Pukekohe and Kumeu.

What happens next is Auckland councillors will meet on August 10 to consider the recommendations and their decisions will be announced on August 19, with limited appeal rights until September 16.

"We've had four years of debate and everyone has had ample opportunity to have their say,” Mayor Len Brown said. “The process from here is that we as a council need to consider the panel's recommendations and make final decisions," he said.

"There is now a very clear legal process for councillors to follow,” said Deputy Mayor and Auckland Development Committee Chair Penny Hulse. “This is a crucial time for Auckland as we consider the recommendations of the panel." 

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