Revealed: New Zealand's Top Advisers 2020

by Ksenia Stepanova22 Jul 2020

New Zealand’s top 30 mortgage advisers of 2020 have been revealed in NZ Adviser’s fourth annual Top Advisers rankings.

The competition grows hotter and hotter each year, with a fantastic round of new entries in 2020 along with familiar faces working hard to continue their winning streak.

The top spot this year was taken by Tony Mounce of Tony Mounce Mortgages for the second year in a row, who settled an impressive $240,000,000 in residential loans from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. This accounts for a total number of 784 residential loans – a significant lead on the rest of the competition!

Second place was taken by Dev Dhingra of The Fundmaster, another competitor successfully defending his spot for the second year running. Dhingra settled $203,000,000 across 498 residential loans for the same period.

In third place we have Paulette Trotter of Loan market, with $166,000,000 settled across 426 residential loans.

Our 30 top advisers this year settled a combined value of $2,838,661,153 across 7,799 total loans – an outstanding result for everybody who made the list. All loan figures were subject to confirmation by each adviser’s aggregator(s).

The full list of 2020’s Top Advisers can be found here.

The report asked mortgage advisers across the country to provide some key performance metrics from the past 12 months to uncover the top adviser in the industry. We thank all entrants for their contributions this year, and look forward to seeing your entries again next year!

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