Specialist mortgage brokerage expands out west

by Maya Breen07 Jun 2016
The Mortgage Supply Co has expanded its reach further into West Auckland, with a new branded office officially opening its doors today.  

The Mortgage Supply Co says the new office, their second in the area, will see them leading the West Auckland mortgage market as the company already has a substantial adviser hub in Te Atatu Peninsula.

Stuart and Erica Wills and Clive Brumby are the adviser team joining the brokerage, rebranding their new office in the town centre of fast growing Hobsonville, where a new subdivision in Hobsonville Point is ready to develop another 900 new homes in the near future.
Stuart and Erica Wills have over 15 years’ experience in mortgages and insurances and have been part of the Mortgage Link Group for many years, but felt that the time had come for a change.
“The Mortgage Supply Co is a great fit for us, the people and the culture of the brand stand for something a little bit special. We love being part of a group, and when we saw the journey that Mortgage Supply is on, we were delighted to become part of it," says Stuart.
“We are delighted welcome Stuart, Erica and Clive to our team’, says Mortgage Supply managing director, Jenny Campbell

"We see the power of advisers working together, and are excited about increasing our footprint out West, and know that the Hobsonville office will be a great addition to our team." 
Mortgage broking can be quite a lonely occupation if you're only seeing clients all day and you're by yourself," Campbell told NZ Adviser.

"We've seen how great it is when advisers work together because they can help each other with their deals and they can cover for each other if someone's sick or on holiday.

"It really makes them feel part of a collaborative working environment which is much more friendly than being out there on your own as a sole operator."

Campbell told NZ Adviser that they are keen to expand into the South Island at some point in the future.

"We're definitely looking to grow the footprint but we're much more interested in controllable growth with the right people."

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