Wellington announces availability of two funding schemes for building owners

by Abel Riototar 17 Jan 2020

Wellington City Council has announced the availability of two funding schemes that will allow building owners to carry out heritage preservation and resilience projects.

The Build Heritage Incentive Fund (BHIF) provides funding for heritage buildings, with 85% of the support going towards seismic-related works and 15% dedicated for conservation projects. Meanwhile, the Building Resilience Fund (BRF) provides funding for non-heritage buildings that are, or could be, prone to earthquakes. The fund aims to allow for detailed seismic assessments before building strengthening.   

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Iona Pannett, building resilience and heritage portfolio lead at the Wellington City Council, said that these funds can help “tackle the council’s resilience and environmental objectives, which – according to public feedback – is a top priority for Wellingtonians.”

“It’s important for our city’s buildings to be resilient and for heritage buildings to be restored as they are visual reminders of our rich history and culture,” Pannett said.

Owners of earthquake-prone, heritage buildings have until 05 February to apply for funding assistance. A second round of funding for both is set later in the year.   

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