‘Content marketing’ can up your business’s visibility

by NZ Adviser25 Jul 2016
Mortgage professionals should always look to be widening their marketing net. That includes trying different strategies to get clients in the door. One such strategy – one that appeals to clients because it doesn’t seem to be pushing for a sale – is “content marketing.”

Education-based content marketing, according to a report by Groove Digital Marketing, is the opposite of many traditional models. Many marketing models explicitly push for a sale: “We’ve got the best rates in town.”

“Educational-based marketing turns the tables by making the pitch more about the reader than the business,” according to Groove. This is marketing material that teaches prospective clients something about the business. A mortgage company could, for instance, post a blog on its website about the best strategies when looking for a new home, or information on a little-known mortgage program.

“These messages build trust by teaching the client something new without trying to force the sale,” Groove states. “Traditional marketing techniques are self-serving. Educational-based models are just that – educational. You provide facts and expert information that helps prospects understand the process and make sound decisions.”

According to Groove, content marketing can help mortgage brokers attract clients in three ways. First, it provides prospective clients with valuable information. It also generates referral partners for more leads by funneling qualified clients the broker’s way. And finally, quality content marketing adds both visibility and credibility to the company.

“In the mortgage industry, customers are not buying a service, but a relationship,” Groove notes. “When a person has a positive relationship, they love to talk about it.”

This article is from our sister site, Mortgage Professional America. 

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