Far out Friday: High fiving your way into the housing market

by NZ Adviser19 Aug 2016
25 year old Aucklander JP van der Westhuizen will auction a high five in an innovative attempt to help him buy his first home, according to the NZ Herald.

Van der Westhuizen works in IT and told the Herald the high five auction was also a way to shine a "comical light on a serious issue".

"It's a bit out of the box, amd I just thought people would find it quite funny and it'd generate a bit of discussion," said Van der Westhuizen. 

"Our property team has been telling us for a while that Auckland house prices are unbelievable," Trade Me spokesman Logan Mudge. 

"Hopefully this auction will help [this couple] get a hand on the property ladder.

"We don't see auctions like this often but it's reminiscent of a famous auction when a member sold a hug back in 2005."

With a $1 reserve, Van der Westhuizen says he will deliver his self-rated 9.8 out of 10 high five anywhere in the city and is a 'worthwhile investment' for the lucky bidder. 

He and his wife have had no luck finding a home to start a family that fits their budget. 

"My wife and I have got good jobs and earn decent money, especially for our age. We've just found it quite hard.

"I don't know how anyone on minimum wage would survive, let alone ever save up to buy a house."

"It's a vicious cycle, rent is so high that you can't save. The whole DIY Kiwi dream is becoming more and more unachievable. It's pretty ridiculous.

"The only option seems to be to get used to the idea of renting for the rest of your life, unless you want to lower your quality of life in order to be able to save."

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