How to have a GREAT work day

by NZ Adviser21 Dec 2015
Whatever your day holds make sure you start the day off right! Just by adding a couple of the ‘kickstart my day’ suggestions below each morning will improve your energy, attitude and brainpower throughout your day. Not one of these suggestions involve setting your alarm earlier than normal and going for a run!!

1. Healthy Breakfast.
Probably the most important on this list. Coffee and toast just DOES NOT do it for what your body and brain requires. Choose some EASY no fuss but healthy breakfast choices here

2. Hydrate:
It’s SO simple!! A warm glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice in it will rev up your internal digestion system, ensure you get the most our of your breakfast nutrients AND if you implement on a daily basis will ward off colds and other bugs and viruses. It’s a no brainer guys!

3. Stretch:
Wake that body and brain UP! Start when your alarm goes off (DO NOT hit that snooze button) start by tensing each leg and then stretching it. Do the same with your arms, and chest. Then roll our of bed and do a few gentle stretches on the floor. Guaranteed you feel more awake and ready for the day than if you’d hit that snooze button. A 30 minute yoga session would be even better – but lets start easy, eh?!

4. Cold shower:
While in the shower turn it to cold for a minute or two. Work your way up to five minutes. This will increase your mental alertness like nothing else and prepare you for battle! Know that even if you start with a 15 second blast of cold, you can turn it back to hot after – that hot water will feel like true luxury when you flip the tap!

5. Say a positive affirmation:
It may sound like ‘new age bullsh*t’ to some of you but it really does work. And you won’t know that unless you try it. So start today, choose your affirmation and stick with it for a week. Be prepared to be awesome!

6. Smile and breathe:
Before you prepare for battle, take a deep diaphramatic breath (or 2!) and smile.
Now GO and WOW the world!

This article was written by Claire Preen and was originally published at 

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