How to have an ideal work week

by NZ Adviser21 Mar 2016
Director of Discovery Finance Group in Australia, Jayden Vecchio has written over $250m, using techniques and tips being shared on his website Top Broker.

It is often said that proper preparation prevents poor performance. This is true on so many different levels. But is there really such a thing as an ideal week? I’m about to explore this question to see if there is such a thing. I guess if were to look at the ‘definition’ of an ideal week it would be to increase productivity by working less hours which means more time spend on the things you love. I believe that there are four key points that if done right, can achieve this.

Plan Ahead 
Simply yet effective, planning ahead can give you that edge. No different to a pilot navigating their journey prior to departure, which will see them achieve a well designed destination. Planning the week ahead on a Sunday evening or a Monday morning first thing prior to starting work is useful. Not only does it navigate towards a larger goal, but allows you to priorities activities. Which means your time will be spent efficiently. It will also allow you to look at ways to reduce time wastage such as bundling appointments at a certain point in the day or week.

Remove all distractions 
Email is the mother of all distractions, followed closely by incoming phone calls. You’d be surprised how much more you can achieve in a solid two hour uninterrupted working blocks than you might in a full eight hour working day filled with distractions. It is vital to remove all distractions whilst working, small changes to your working habits will produce huge results in productivity. Such as checking your emails three times a day and not picking up incoming phone calls when they ring rather calling back at specific times in the day.

Theme days
Mondays and Wednesdays might be set aside for prospecting and referral partner catch ups. Tuesdays and Thursdays might be customer appointments, while Friday might be set aside for continuous improvement. Having a theme allows you to focus on a specific areas of your business

Absolutely commit to an ideal week, the true test is to see if you can continue on this crusade for a month, a quarter, half a year, a year, two years etc. One hundred percent all in toward the cause, which will deliver the outcomes you desire.

This article originally appeared on Top Broker, a growing online space where tips and strategies are shared by Australia's top mortgage brokers.

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