Nice shoes. Didn’t you used to own a house?

by NZ Adviser29 Feb 2016
That had better be one hell of a pair of sneakers. A distraught woman took to Reddit this week to complain that her husband had spent their mortgage payment on shoes.

Specifically, he’d blown $2,500 on two pairs of Yeezys – Adidas shoes designed by Kanye West – purchased from a fellow sneaker enthusiast, and two pairs of unspecified shoes bought at the mall.

“Who in their right mind spends $2.5k on 4 pairs of sneakers?” wrote the woman, posting under the username wtfshoesmoney. “He said he bought those 2 pairs off a guy in a local sneaker group that he met up this morning. Each pair was $1k… I asked him wtf. He said he wanted a pair of Yeezy’s. But he had to buy 2 since he wanted ‘one to stock and one to rock.’”

According to the post, the husband had long been a sneaker collector, but had tapered off to only a pair every few months. In fact, the poster said he’d sold a few of his most valuable pairs to help put a down payment on their house. But his latest purchase has put the couple in a financial bind.

“I thought he was done with this (expletive) and now he spends this month’s mortgage on 4 pairs of (expletive) sneakers,” the woman wrote.

 Reddit commenters tried their best to offer comfort and advice, but some couldn’t help but point out the obvious.

“If you look on the bright side, a pair of Yeezys (brand new) will sell for a lot more than he got them for,” user doublementh wrote. “At the same time, your husband is an idiot.”

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