Exclusive Feature: More mortgage choice

by NZ Adviser19 Oct 2020

The NZ mortgage market grows increasingly complex; loan criteria are becoming more restrictive, and tighter lending restrictions seem omnipresent. Kiwis risk being shut out of the housing market simply because they don’t fit a standard lending profile.

People are turning to mortgage advisers across New Zealand for help, seeking assistance to boost their chances of seeing a loan. It’s a prime opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities – but is your advisory ready?

Wonder no more – Peter Wood of Bluestone NZ is sharing critical insights into how advisers can both boost their business and bring better service to the home loan industry across the country. With your free copy of this article, you’ll discover:

  • How the big banks are failing to deliver to ordinary borrowers
  • Why embracing non-banks can broaden your client pool
  • The impact of COVID-19 on future home borrowing 
  • How licensing will benefit advisers
  • When it’s time to embrace e-solutions (spoiler: it’s now!)

All this and much more – to lock in your complimentary copy, click here.

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