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Former financial adviser sentenced at Auckland District Court

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NZ Adviser | 13 Jul 2017, 03:19 p.m. Agree 0
  • Giles Thorman | 13 Jul 2017, 03:26 p.m. Agree 0
    This is the first instance I can recall where the FMA has actually taken action against an Adviser.
    About time as well.
    Hopefully Anthony Wilson will NEVER work in the Industry again.
  • | 13 Jul 2017, 03:53 p.m. Agree 0
    Sentence way to light, we need deterrence.
  • likaADVICE | 13 Jul 2017, 03:54 p.m. Agree 0
    Another reason for the insurance industry to move to an arm's length medical disclosure process, such as is used in the Asteron Express application.
  • Biffo | 13 Jul 2017, 06:04 p.m. Agree 0
    This is nothing compared to what is transpiring insider some insurance company offices under an umbrella of "we are hear to help you" in order to portray a picture of credibility and integrity. What transpires down the feeding chain is most often a reflection of the culture at the top.
  • Industry professional | 17 Jul 2017, 05:39 p.m. Agree 0
    It's Advisers like that; that make it harder for clients to have faith in obtaining the better products that you can achieve through advisers, in place of the direct market. Sending a copy of applications to clients should be part of all advisers processes now days, clients always have a right to add or correct information that they may have missed telling the insurer and adviser. If any customers have not got a copy of their application they can ask for one under the privacy act through their insurance provider, adviser or direct insurer.
  • Bob | 17 Jul 2017, 05:43 p.m. Agree 0
    Maybe there was some doubt in the decision. 1st offence and the client may not have told him the dull storey. But they certainly made an example out of him. Maybe people might go get direct insurances that have even worse problems in them
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