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NZ couple in Aus take major bank to court for racial discrimination

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NZ Adviser | 27 Jul 2016, 01:59 p.m. Agree 0
A Kiwi couple living in Western Australia’s Perth is pursuing a racial discrimination case against one of the big four Aussie banks.
  • | 29 Jul 2016, 11:12 a.m. Agree 0
    I've got life insurance with ANZ for the last 9yrs in Perth. I better look into this.
  • Sheryl Samuel | 30 Jul 2016, 09:56 a.m. Agree 0
    So is that for all insurances here...I have life insurance as well as funeral insurance for me, my partner, my 4 children and 2 of their partners and 6 grandchildren. . How do I find out if they will pay out. I told them I'm a NZer when I took it them out.
  • Whaiora Tukaki | 30 Jul 2016, 02:27 p.m. Agree 0
    ANZ I thought this means Australia New Zealand bank? Correct me if I am wrong
  • marie | 31 Jul 2016, 05:19 a.m. Agree 0

    I'm aged 55 and have a funeral plan and injury cover for $12 a week with Seniors i do not need life insurance as i have no partner or children they are marvellous and i am technically a NZ National i am still entitled.
  • marie | 31 Jul 2016, 05:21 a.m. Agree 0
    Seniors is cheaper they do all this and they know in a NZ national
  • Linkage | 02 Aug 2016, 02:29 p.m. Agree 0
    I think in future I would be getting legal advice before signing any documents to save what has happened to this couple, if the banks refuses
    on the grounds it's against our company policy then still see those lawyers take notes of dates, times, person's that have interview you.
    Every company is under the ASIC & ACCC of the legal obligation they must undertake by the laws of the land.
    Also noted that the same bank have just won a class action against them for credit card charges and fees.
    I'm not a Lawyer but you have to become one and take the steps with all the evidence to take on these organisation and the big issue here
    this have the best legal team and the funds, don't be perturbed that they are bigger than you.
    That the Judge's decision and you still not happy with the outcome appeal against the decision.
    I believe that the truth must prevail and been honest with people, when they are protecting their interest of huge profits over the people,
    Then I say withdraw your business from these banks and look at the ones that has your best interest as an individual and person.
  • | 08 Jan 2019, 12:39 p.m. Agree 0
    Im a Financial Adviser and we are getting this sort of complaint regularly in our industry.. One bank covered for death only in the country of origin.
    My belief is that they water down the benefits to avoid underwriting so they can get the premium and commission. Much easier to get these sort of Policies from an underwriting perspective. Claim outcomes poor and the Insurance Companies and the GOOD advisers cop the flack.
    There's only one thing they are after . Fees, Commission,profit. Service is non existent on this sort of product.
    Please go to a qualified adviser that has evidence of good research and will actually provide products that will do the job at the right time.

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