$422.5 million funding to help deliver housing for all Kiwis

by Krizzel Canlas20 Nov 2018

The government is funding research that aims to solve New Zealand’s housing crisis.

Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities (BBHTC) National Science Challenge will receive $422.5 million in a second tranche of funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Over the next five years, BBHTC will study on the housing sector, including how New Zealand can build more affordable housing quickly.

The second phase of funding signals a massive opportunity for all New Zealanders, Challenge Director Ruth Berry said.

“We want Kiwis to know that no matter where they are on the housing spectrum, there is hope,” she noted. “Our research is providing tangible solutions to policymakers and planners so we can fundamentally change the nature of our housing sector.”

BBHTC is a collaboration between over 170+ researchers around New Zealand, working in both public and private institutions.

“I’m delighted to see that the Challenges are fundamentally changing the culture of how science is being undertaken in New Zealand,” Minister of Research, Science and Innovation Megan Woods, meanwhile, added.

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