Americans scouring NZ property in lead-up to US election

by NZ Adviser09 Nov 2016
Real estate listing web site has noted Americans searching on its site for New Zealand property has shot up 141% in the last 48 hours, according to an article in the NZ Herald.     

The website tracks where online users are based as they search through property listings, said Peter Mangin, chief operating officer of

"In the two days leading into the US election - November 7 and 8 - US-based users were up 141.07 per cent compared to the same two days last year. This suggests to me that Americans are looking at their options leading into the elections," he said.

"If they no longer want to reside in the US, New Zealand is an attractive option for them," Mangin said.

"In the month leading into the elections - October 9 to November 8 - American-based users are up 51.36 per cent compared to the same time last year. On average, they are spending almost seven minutes on site, indicating they are having more than a casual glance.

"Interestingly, they have arrived largely via organic search and paid search (64.99 per cent) using such search terms as homes for sale in New Zealand", houses for sale New Zealand and Auckland real estate, suggesting they are looking at their options.

"It's going to be interesting to watch how it plays out as the elections close. It's more of a longer story. Those users might cool down or maybe increase. There will be more for us to dig into over the coming week or two because the elections will finish tonight our time and it will be clear what the national response will be," he said.

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