Auckland mayoral candidate questions affordability of Unitary Plan dwellings

by Duffie Osental04 Mar 2019

A candidate for Auckland city mayor is calling on officials to release pricing information for homes that were built under the Unitary Plan.

Earlier this week, the office of Auckland Mayor Phil Goff announced that a record 10,637 dwellings were completed under Auckland’s Unitary Plan in the 12 months to December 2018. But mayoral candidate John Palino is questioning the affordability of these units.

"That 10,637 homes were built last year in Auckland is good news, but the Auckland Council must release price information on new dwellings," said Palino. "How many of these homes could be bought for under $537,000? That's the amount the Auckland Council estimates half of all Auckland households can afford. How many of these homes could be purchased for under $287,000? That's the amount that 75% of Aucklanders can afford?”

“Saying that the Unitary Plan is working when it's not delivering any homes to a third of Aucklanders is nothing short of an insult to tens of thousands of working families who will never be able to own their own home.

"The mayor and council are disastrously out of touch with reality," Palino concluded.

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