Brand refresh for NZ’s largest real estate company

by Maya Breen18 Jan 2016
Real estate agency Harcourts has undergone a makeover, with a new look aiming to give the brand a more user-friendly and up-to-date appeal for the mobile, digital era.

The company was founded in Wellington in 1888 and NZ CEO Chris Kennedy says the new look is designed to reflect Harcourts’ place in the modern New Zealand real estate landscape.

“We wanted our brand to not only reflect our commitment to innovation and the exciting changes we are experiencing in the industry, but, in practical terms, it also needed to work across multiple platforms and be able to be adapted for use by all the businesses in our large franchise group,” Kennedy says.

“The new look is still recognisably Harcourts with all the history and respect that garners, while reflecting the progressive, forward thinking company we are. It is an incredibly exciting way to start the New Year.”

Harcourts International Ltd managing director, Mike Green brand refresh was over a year in the making and the first significant brand change for the group since 1988. 

“The way we do business within our industry has changed, our clients’ perception of our industry has changed, essentially, our world has evolved, and so we knew our brand needed to evolve with it,” says Green. 

“We have consistently grown our investment in technology, have expanded into two new countries over the past 12 months, and are constantly looking at ways to innovate, but this wasn’t necessarily apparent in our previous branding. 

Changes included a new, modern logo and colour palette change and equipping their people with a number of new tools to better help them market themselves, and better serve their clients.

The brand refresh extends to all of Harcourts brands and subsidiaries.

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