Business social media survey a first for New Zealand

by NZ Adviser07 Oct 2015
Four independent, national businesses have joined forces to determine how small and large businesses are using social media platforms to the best effect.

The survey was initiated by Kathleen Boyd, director of online communications and digital marketing company OMG Solutions based in Hawke’s Bay and joined by Easy Social Media, Auckland social media marketing company Socialites and Dunedin based strategy, branding, design and digital marketing company Cre8ive Advertising.

“This hasn’t been done before in New Zealand,” says Boyd.

“We have four independent companies from around the country coming together to collectively gather data that can be shared to provide a big picture of how social media is used.”

As an online and social media presence becomes ever more important for businesses, the survey will reveal valuable information and form a foundation from which New Zealand businesses can benchmark their results.

The individuals involved in the survey from the previously mentioned companies are Socialites CEO Wendy Thompson, Easy Social Media director Jef Kay and Cre8ive Advertising director Philippa Crick.

The survey can be found here

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