Campaign urges Kiwis to be 'password smart'

by Krizzel Canlas04 Mar 2019

The New Zealand Bankers’ Association (NZBA) is urging Kiwis to protect access to banking by using strong, unique and secure passwords.

In support of CERT NZ’s Get Password Smart campaign, NZBA outlined easy steps to be password smart and foil the fraudsters. These include:

  • Create strong passwords – long passwords are strong passwords. Consider using four or more words, a sentence or a fun phrase. Strengthen your password further by using a mix of numbers, symbols and letters.
  • Use unique passwords – use different passwords for each of your online accounts. That way, if an attacker gets hold of one of your passwords, they won’t be able to access all of your accounts.
  • Keep your passwords secret – don’t disclose your password to anyone including family, friends and the police. Bank staff will never ask you to tell them your password in a branch, over the phone, or by email.

“We all have a role to play in preventing financial crime by protecting unauthorised access to our bank accounts,” NZBA chief executive Roger Beaumont said. “Being smart about your online banking password is an important way you can do that.”

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