Cryptocurrency investment platform launches

by 03 Apr 2018

by Ksenia Stepanova

A new investment platform specialising in cryptocurrencies has launched in New Zealand, and aims to simplify access to the rapidly growing yet widely misunderstood market.

Invsta is a platform created by financial services company Ilumony, and has prompted interest from a wide range of investors including homeowners and financial advisers.

The platform will offer a variety of crypto-traded portfolios (CTPs) and grant access to a range of investment strategies, thus hoping to demystify the process of investing into digital currency, a market previously seen as ‘untouchable’ to some given its high volatility. According to Invsta, cryptocurrencies are “an emerging asset class that will mature and become more important in coming years, and the underlying technology behind them – blockchain – could be as revolutionary as the internet.”

“There is a lot of demand from people to invest in cryptocurrency, but unless you’re heavily involved in the tech space, people don’t know how to get started or what to invest in,” says founder and CEO Rachel Strevens. “We want to make it easy for people to invest, to cut out some of the noise in the market and to offer up genuine investment opportunities.”

“There has been lots of innovation in this area, and financial advisers are getting some interest out there from their customers. We aim to provide some clarity.”

Invsta is currently in pre-beta testing, with beta product release expected in the coming months.

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