Disgraced banker’s breach ‘extremely rare’

by NZ Adviser08 Apr 2016
Christchurch BNZ employee Riki Cashell, 38, stole money from an 89-year-old woman with dementia to help him fund a lifestyle to impress his partner.

Cashell used the customer’s debit card to steal a total of $24,224 over a period of nine months, Fairfax Media reports.  

A BNZ spokesperson told NZ Adviser Cashell is no longer an employee of the bank. 

 “When Mr Cashell joined BNZ we completed robust criminal checks which are standard procedure,” the spokesperson said. 

“After working for us for many years, Mr Cashell has unfortunately abused his position. 

While extremely rare, it is incredibly disappointing that he chose to breach the level of trust that came with his role.” 

Without the customer's authority, Cashell had loaded a debit card with her account details and placed a PIN number on it.

It has been a stressful ordeal for the elderly lady who felt she had been victimised because of her age and deteriorating health, Fairfax reported. 

With a degree in accounting, finances, and information services Cashell has ruined his prospects for a future career in finance and also damaged the reputation of the BNZ where he worked as a customer service representative.

Defence counsel Simon Shamy handed the court a cheque from Cashell for $24,224 to repay reparations in full.

Christchurch District Court Judge Raoul Neave said the repayment was of very great significance and has imposed six months of home detention.

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