Elderly Kiwis are young at heart and living well, survey

by NZ Adviser09 Sep 2016
A recent survey by specialist insurer Cigna New Zealand has found that New Zealanders over 60 years of age are young at heart and living well.

According to Cigna 360 Wellbeing Survey, 42% of respondents over 60 felt they were in excellent or good health, citing diet and exercise as an important part of their lives. Meanwhile, 25% said they were in good health and a mere 2% reported poor health. Of the 1000 New Zealanders surveyed, 125 were older than 60 years old.

The survey has also found that dairy was the most common item in the fridge of those over 60 at 98%, followed by fruit and vegetables at 95%. Those over 60 were also reported to be less likely to consume alcohol than other age groups, at 35% versus 31%.

Lance Walker, Cigna NZ CEO, said: “It was great to see how active and focused on wholefoods and health eating the older respondents were.”

“Some were still going to the gym or running on a regular basis and almost all reported a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Their lifestyles are a model for us all.”
The survey also suggested that those over 60 are living their life well − with 96% believing that spending time with their spouse as the important part of their life, followed by children at 95% and parents at 82%.

The survey has also found that despite 65 being the retirement age in New Zealand, many respondents over the age of 60 were still happily and gainfully employed.

“They are also young at heart,” said Walker. “We found people’s definition of ‘old’ changes according to their age. Those in their early 20s defined 63 as old, whereas those over 60 considered old age started at 79.”

When it comes to financial planning, Cigna found it concerning that only 20% of those over 60 said they had sufficient funds for retirement.

Richard Poole, GrownUps GM, agreed with Cigna’s findings, saying “Our members continually tell us that life is only just beginning. New Zealanders would rather look forward than in the rear vision mirror when it comes to living life – 50 is seen as halfway.”

“There is no doubt that in many cases, it’s about attitude versus anything to do with age, restricted only by our body’s ability.”

This article is from Insurance Business NZ by Mina Martin.

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