Far out Friday: Birth rates change with housing market

by NZ Adviser25 Sep 2015
Older motherhood is becoming more commonplace in Britain as the average age of women having their first baby is past 30, the Daily Mail reports.

As housing costs become more expensive, more women are putting off having a family until an older age with the number of babies born to women over 35 just overtaking those born to under 25s.

The average age of a first-time buyer in London and the South is 37 resulting in far fewer young mothers down south and far more older ones, whereas in the cheaper North-East area the opposite is true.

Although fertility does decline after 30, it is gradual so most women can safely choose to wait to have children at a later stage. 

Families are also getting smaller and when they start later and when space is limited children of devoted, edu-cated, intelligent and prudent parents become scarcer. 

If the massively dysfunctional housing market isn’t remedied fast the paper warns, in 20 years today’s kids will realise they can't ever have a stable home in Britain, and get out.

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