Far out Friday: Chinese couples rush to divorce amid rumoured ownership rule changes

by NZ Adviser07 Oct 2016
Chinese residents are lining up to divorce after rumours took off around tighter ownership rules for couples, according to an article on news.com.au. 

Photos showed people standing in line to file for divorce in Nanjing province after they had heard word of stricter property buying regulations.

Their concern was that married couples would have to pay a larger deposit and would be limited to the number of properties they could own, so divorce would seem like a good option to buy property as two singles instead. 

The Eurasia Review reported it was the second time there had been a wave in filings for divorce in response to ownership restrictions.  

According to the news.com.au article, authorities had denied the rumours. 

Results from the latest Global Property Guide showed demand for property in Shanghai was rising strongly.

“In June 2016, the value of Shanghai homes sold rose 22 per cent from a year earlier, after a year on year rise of 32.9 per cent the previous month,’’ it said.

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