Far out Friday: Harry Potter ‘cupboard under the stairs’ experience for 500 euro a month?

by NZ Adviser02 Oct 2015
23 year old Alex Lomax couldn’t believe it after a listing described as a ‘single furnished room with a bed’ turned out to be a tiny cloakroom under the stairs with a mattress on the floor, according to The Daily Mail.

Although the advert did say it wasn't for 'someone who will just stay in their room’, the advertised price was 500 euro a month, excluding 60euro in bills.

The tiny room in Clapham is an addition to the wave of tiny flats that have been advertised by landlords in the London for extortionate rates.

“Sadly, properties of this sort are becoming more and more common in London as the housing crisis worsens,” National Housing Federation Henry Gregg told MailOnline earlier this month.

“From garages and tents to sheds and squats, unusual forms of living are on the increase in the capital. Skyrocketing rents and ballooning house prices are driving Londoners into smaller, lower quality housing.

“That’s because we’re only building one third of the 56,000 new homes the capital needs each year to keep up with demand.”

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