Far out Friday: Kiwi lotto winners splurge on mortgages not Maseratis

by NZ Adviser15 Apr 2016
Mindworks registered psychologist Sara Chatwin said often Lotto winners didn’t let their new found riches change their lifestyles overnight, according to an article by Fairfax Media.

A lot of winners had to "sit and mull over it", Chatwin said and often decided to address mortgages and outstanding bills first. 

"New Zealand is not necessarily the body of excess,” she said. "In terms of international status, we wouldn't be as extravagant and out there.

And it's actually not that easy to spend that kind of money in New Zealand, she said.

"What do you do? Buy a Maserati and park up at the Sky City casino?"

A Tauranga family, one of 11 Kiwis who have been Lotto winners this year, won $7.1m in February and decided to splurge with fish and chips on the beach. 
Lotto spokeswoman Kirsten Robinson said New Zealand winners already were enjoying life and didn’t want it to change too much, making their winnings last through investments and savings.

"Winners here are really down-to-earth and sensible,” Robinson said. "It's a key part of who New Zealanders are."

There are exceptions to the rule of course, such as Trevor Cooper from Te Kauwhata who went against the grain, going public with his $27 million win in 2012, investing a great deal in property including a $2.2m mansion and buying off-road buggies. 

Elsewhere in the world, a 46-year-old French woman thought she had won the Euro Millions Lottery and embarked on a lengthy shopping spree, only to find out she hadn’t won after all. 

Robinson said those types of stories didn't happen in New Zealand.

She said New Zealanders prefer to make their life as easy and enjoyable as possible rather than changing their lifestyle.
“They like their life, they like it the way it is.”

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