Far out Friday: Living tiny to shake off the mortgage shackles

by NZ Adviser19 Feb 2016
Lily Duval took just under four months to build a 14 square metre house she now calls her own, and at a total cost of $35,000 she can enjoy being mortgage free as well, TVNZ reports. 

Duval was inspired to build her own humble home after watching a documentary she saw while overseas. 

The tiny house is about ten times smaller than the average Kiwi home but no space goes to waste, with plenty of underfloor storage as well as mains water and solar panels. 

"I think the trend is towards something cheaper, smaller so the maintenance is low and it takes five minutes to clean," she said.

"It has a really high ceiling so it doesn't feel too cramped. But sure, if I was inside all day during winter I'd probably want to go for a run but I think you do that in a normal house too." 

Her home will be featured in the NZ House and Garden Tour series , also covering properties in Auckland, Wellington and New Plymouth.

"People are finding their own really creative ways around that whole housing affordability crisis that we're having," NZ House and Garden editor Sally Duggan said.

Duggan says New Plymouth has been newly added to the series due to its interesting city side homes.

"The Public Trust building being revamped for example but also a whole string of beautiful modern homes built out around the Taranaki Coast."

Duval is looking for a new place to relocate her humble home but is enjoying the freedom it has given her too. 

"The cost is so low and I don't have a mortgage or anything so I'm just going to travel."

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