Far out Friday: Rude awakening for homeowner living in wrong house for years

by NZ Adviser12 Aug 2016
UK businessman, Chris Meyer, living in North West England discovered the place he had called home for last six years, wasn’t in fact his.  

According to a Fairfax Media article, Meyer found out his predicament when he put the flat up for sale and it turned out he owned the one adjacent to his. 

And he’s not alone – ten of the 15 flat owners in the same complex have the same problem. 

Domain reports that Meyer listed his flat on the market three years ago and received a great deal of interest and an offer.

"I'd chosen the new house, had the mortgage approved, a survey sorted out, and I was due to get the keys in a few weeks when the solicitor for the person buying my flat got in touch to say there was a problem," 

Although living at Number 8 and which he though he owned, Land Registry documents revealed he is the owner of Number 9. 

"The man who thought he'd bought Number 7 actually owns my flat. It's the same for 10 of the 15 flats.

"It's a complete mess. Not surprisingly, my buyer pulled out. We're three years on and we seem to be no further forward."

Meyer can now only wait as lawyers sort things out.  

The solicitors who conducted the conveyancing on the original sale said they weren’t to blame and it was Meyer’s responsibility to check the title report, whereas in New Zealand lawyers check property titles, Fairfax reported . 

Solicitor Nick Gutteridge said, "Although this is not a situation of our making, we have gone above and beyond in helping Mr Meyer to rectify the issue, including liaising with other property owners and their lenders.

"Given the many hours which have been spent (at no charge) in trying to assist him, it is disappointing that Mr Meyer has chosen to raise a grievance via the newspaper."

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