Far out Friday: Snooker table sized London flat for 400 pounds a week

by NZ Adviser16 Oct 2015
A London flat the size of a snooker table has been expertly transformed into a luxurious space opposite Harrods for the lofty rental price tag of £400 per week, according to the DailyMail UK.

The 10th-floor studio in Knightsbridge managed to contain a kitchen, shower room and a living room-conversion-to-bedroom within its 90 sq ft
The rental listing described it including, ‘ample and practical storage including a dedicated shoe cupboard’.

Matthew Fine, managing director of Hunters in Marylebone, told MailOnline: “It has taken a little over two years to complete the work,” after being purchased three years ago for £200,000.

The architect Caiano Morgado who has worked on similar small spaces in many major cities globally collaborated with the buyer in making a lot from so little. 

The flat below this property is even smaller at 61 sq ft and was bought for £120,000 in 2006.

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