Financial professionals challenged to up their game

by Krizzel Canlas16 Oct 2018

New Zealand’s financial services sector must prove it deserves the public’s trust – or face the consequences of situations recently uncovered in Australia, according to the CFA Society NZ.

“It’s been a big year for the industry, but not necessarily for the right reasons,” CFA Society NZ president Jeff Stangl said. “We’re not immune to what’s happening in Australia and public confidence in our financial institutions has been severely shaken.

“For New Zealand, it’s a timely warning that, as a professional sector, we need to lift our game and restore public trust or risk having regulators stepping in to do it for us.”

The financial ethics and integrity association is holding its annual Gala Forecast Dinner in Auckland on October 31. The discussion will centre on the fallout of the findings by Royal Commission into banking, superannuation and financial services across the Tasman.

The dinner features former Prime Minister and long-serving Minister of Finance Sir Bill, who will speak on investing, trends around the development and management of public assets, and data and analytics in public policy.

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