Financial Services Council on wellbeing in 2019

by Krizzel Canlas11 Jan 2019

We are just a few days into a new year, it’s never too late to set achievable goals and start being the best you in 2019.

For New Zealanders, health and finances top the list when it comes to New Year Resolutions, according to Financial Services Council CEO Richard Klipin. Some are looking to start healthier eating and for others, it’s about saving more or lowering debt.

“Health and wealth go hand in hand, but many New Zealanders tend to set goals in one area or the other, rather than through their own wellbeing lens,” he noted.

Financial Services Council outlined five tips for New Zealanders looking to start their own wellbeing journey:

Get active. As little as 10 minutes of physical activity a day can improve mental wellbeing, and when activity increased to 4.5 hours a week it could better mental wellbeing.

Manage your money. Monitor your bank accounts, save as much as you can and maximise your KiwiSaver contributions.

Set clear and achievable goals. Plan what the future looks like for you – set personal and professional goals.

Manage your risks. Work out how much you need to pay your monthly bills if you were off work and think about getting peace of mind through insurance.

Seek advice. Be it through a specialist adviser or online, seek advice in the areas you aren’t sure about.

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