FMA launches online KiwiSaver quiz

by Krizzel Canlas30 Aug 2018

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is launching an online quiz specially intended for young KiwiSaver members.

In preparation for Sorted Money Week 2018, the quiz is aimed at helping younger KiwiSaver members understand how to react when investments rise and fall in stormy markets.

FMA acting director of external communication and investor capability Simone Robbers quoted previous FMA research, which shows investors who are more knowledgeable and engaged with their investment are more confident.

“KiwiSaver members under the age of 30 are the least knowledgeable and confident about their investments,” Robber said. “Over the last ten years, KiwiSaver returns have generally been positive.

“While there have been patches of volatility, younger members of the 18-30 age group have never experienced a major fall in the value of investments in their adult lifetimes.”

The KiwiSaver Risk quiz will be promoted through social media and is available on FMA’s website.


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