FMA uses animation to educate consumers

by NZ Adviser01 Mar 2017
The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has made use of animation to inform consumers of their entitlements when dealing with financial services providers.

The FMA is the latest government body to use animation to get its message across to the public, after the Reserve Bank and the Commission for Financial Capability.

The series of pointers tells consumers that they are entitled to competence, honest and fair treatment, information, the right to know how much they are paying, and the right to have their problems and complaints dealt with properly when dealing with the likes of insurers, financial advisers, fund managers, and banks.

The FMA said it aims to be both a “guard dog” and “guide dog” for New Zealand’s financial markets.

“We have published these investor entitlements to help customers deal more confidently with their providers and be able to make more informed decisions about their investments,” FMA’s Paul Gregory told Fairfax Media.

Earlier this month, the FMA release a guide informing financial services companies how they are expected to treat customers.

This article is from Insurance Business NZ by Mina Martin.

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