Global Finance launches personalised mortgage support plan

by Ksenia Stepanova08 Oct 2020

Mortgage advisory firm Global Finance has launched a new financial management programme called Mortgage Genius Plan, which is designed to be tailored to customers’ individual circumstances and provides access to “a smarter way of managing loans.”

Global Finance founder Ajay Kumar says the product will help customers stay on top of their finances, and also develop their financial knowledge. He says that the plan can save customers hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home loan by reducing interest rate costs,  and will help customers become debt-free quicker.

“What financial institutions generally do is they manufacture their product, and they sell it to the customers,” Kumar commented.

“In our view, customers don’t like this way of doing business. They need the products and services to be tailor-made according to their requirements, because each customer’s circumstances are not the same. So, what Global Finance does is design each product, whether it is mortgage or insurance, according to the needs of the customer.”

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Kumar says the Mortgage Genius Plan works by helping customers build up their cash reserves and pay off their loans quicker, and the Plan is tailored according to each individual’s financial goals - whether that’s to buy or expand a business, purchase another property, or create a family-oriented lifestyle.

“We hope this product will be helpful not only to those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic, but also those who have benefited from a busy property market, those who want to buy houses and those who want to build a property portfolio,” Kumar said.

“In this low interest rate environment, we want to highlight the many enduring benefits this product delivers - not just saving on interest. It allows you to become financially stronger, support your family and  give you financial peace of mind while building equity.

“The Mortgage Genius plan has massive long-term benefits that see our customers in a much better financial shape, and that is why we are very excited to present this opportunity to all Kiwis, and give them lifelong support in this very crucial aspect of their lives.”

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