Harcourts CEO steps down

by Duffie Osental14 Nov 2018

Harcourts chief executive officer Chris Kennedy has resigned after 25 years in the real estate agency and four years as its leader. Kennedy will be wrapping up the remainder of the year before stepping down.

Kennedy started at Harcourts as an auctioneer in Christchurch. He eventually became the business development manager for Christchurch after selling his Harcourts business in Dunedin.

Later in his career, he moved to Auckland to become national auction manager and was eventually raised to the position of CEO.

"Chris has played an integral role in the growth and success of Harcourts throughout New Zealand," said Jo Clifford, chief operations officer at Harcourts.

Moving forward, Kennedy is expected to look for a new role within the Harcourts organization.

"Chris has given this resignation a huge amount of thought over the last few months but has decided he wants a break from the current leadership role. He will begin to look at new opportunities within Harcourts in the New Year," said Clifford.

The company will start its search for a new CEO in the coming weeks.

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