Housing affordability an issue for one in three

by Krizzel Canlas13 Sep 2018

A number of New Zealanders living in big cities are struggling with the cost of housing and everyday needs, a new survey shows.

Auckland Council detailed the results of the biennial Quality of Life survey, which highlights that Kiwis hailing in big cities are positive about their quality life (84%) and think their area is a great place to live (80%).

However, 25% felt that their city or local area had become a worse place to live in the previous 12 months, because of issues of traffic congestion and worries about housing affordability and suitability.

The survey shows 38% of respondents disagreed that their housing costs were affordable, particularly those in younger age groups, those renting from private landlords and those with children living at home.

The impacts of growing housing-related costs and a shortage of suitable housing in New Zealand cities are reflected in increasing numbers of people sleeping rough on the streets or in vehicles, with 48% of respondents saying this had been a problem in their city.

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