“I love working with people, particularly through a stressful transaction”

by Ksenia Stepanova07 Jun 2019

Helping Kiwis get into homes is the heart of a mortgage adviser’s job, and more and more young people are seeing the appeal of making their career in financial advice instead of banking.

Loan Market mortgage adviser and NZ Adviser Young Gun 2019 Brent Findlay spent some time as a banking manager before being inspired to make the switch, and says starting his own business and being a positive influence on the lives of ordinary New Zealanders were the main drivers behind the move.

“I began working as a broker after spending 4 years working for the National Bank and ANZ,” Findlay said. “I thoroughly enjoyed my time working there, however had always had a desire to start my own business.”

“My wife and I had bought our first home and we felt really passionate about helping others to do the same,” he continued. “We wanted to have a business that could offer quality advice to hard working Kiwis and make a positive difference to people’s lives.

“I love working with people, particularly through a stressful transaction such as buying a home, and it's a real privilege to lead someone through that process and make it a positive experience for them. The challenges are juggling a lot of balls all at once.”

Findlay says first-home buyers tend to be his most memorable clients, especially those with families looking to buy their first family home.

“I remember working with a young family for over 2 years, and helping them to buy their first home,” Findlay said. “It was a huge process for them and with our advice and their determination they bought their first property, and they couldn't be happier.

“If you’re new to the industry, I’d say build your networks first and foremost and focus on your own personal brand. We are lucky to live in a digital age where it is very easy for people to find out a lot about you before they even meet you, so make sure you are putting out your best self to the world.”

“In ten years I’d like to see us still growing at a sustainable pace, maintaining our family business values and being recognized as one of the most influential boutique mortgage broking businesses in the industry,” he concluded.

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