If you were Prime Minister for a day

by NZ Adviser09 Jan 2017
Given New Zealand recently had a change of leadership after John Key’s shock resignation, we thought now would be a good time to look back at what advisers would do if they were PM for a day. 
“Play golf with Barrack Obama because you can and he’s a great guy. Visit the Starship Hospital to understand the challenges of our most vulnerable. Visit the people of Kaikoura to experience and see how making a difference when it’s needed most makes a real difference. And finally, visit Antarctica because you can and to see what’s really going on with the planet.”
Mike Dalley, Certus Financial Group
“Make it a day the All Blacks were playing in a final at the World Cup and attend in the best seat.”
Judy Steiner, Mortgage Link 

“Look into money education for schools. Kids need to be educated on how to save, budget and manage money. Is a very important life skill. Master it young.”
Sara Hartigan, Loan Market 
“Ensure that people new to this country can speak English, and abide by our customs and laws. Residency would not be given until the individual proved their worth and adopted Kiwi life.”
Stephen Glading, Protecta Insurance
“Resign. What a thankless, underpaid, over worked job. John is welcome to it. Before I resigned I would make it mandatory that all old coins (pre decimal and old decimal) be handed into Lions for their Heads Up For Kids project. According to Reserve Bank there is in excess of $50,000,000 in circulation and this can be put to such a great cause.”
Charlie Reid, Mortgage Link 

“Sack all the non-productive MP’s.
Fast track rapid electric rail to East and North Auckland
Level all tax types to 20% incl. GST. Start tax at $20,000 p.a.
Make Financial Literacy a core subject at primary & secondary school
Start production of our own petroleum fuels, legislate phasing out of imported oil within 5 years.
Subsidise solar panel installation for every home, office in NZ.
Create tax benefits for Regional development & new regional businesses that employ 50 people or more.
Sign off a project to build a water supply pipe from the West coast to the East coast of the South Island.
Sign off to build an Auckland Harbour tunnel, and invest in development in the far North and East Coast regions. Just a day’s work….”
Geoff Peterson, Loan Market
"Go to lunch with my wife. I reckon the country would run fine for a day without politicians doing anything."
Campbell Hastie, Go2Guys 

"Simply make financial literacy a part of secondary school life and ensure all children leaving school have the opportunity to understand the importance of budgeting and money management."  
Paul Fuller, Mortgage Room

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