Konnect NET’s e-App saving time for advisers

by Maya Breen17 Oct 2016
Konnect NET’s e-App enables insurance advisers to provide quicker turnaround times for their clients.

The online web-based application platform is designed to include online insurance applications for any insurer and Konnect NET says it allows applications to be delivered more securely and completely to the insurance teams.  

Speaking to NZ Adviser, Konnect NET head of market development Sam Liebert said the e-App works together with their e-consent solution, which was recently named a finalist in the 2016 New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards for the Innovation of the Year award.

“There’s a really nice, natural fit here as the e-consent is easily triggered during the completion of our e-app allowing customers to sign electronically immediately…creating a truly paperless experience,” said Liebert.

Three insurers are currently using the e-App platform to distribute online versions of their forms
“We expect that in time paper will become obsolete, and our solution could be the universal alternative to the paper app,” said Liebert. “We certainly offer a viable option that requires much less capital investment and time to market.

Liebert said the feedback so far from advisers had been positive. 

“From the start, e-App has been designed and built around ongoing feedback from advisers to meet their needs. 

“There are some advisers who very strongly prefer paper, however those who are interested in electronic solutions have said great things about our offering.”

Asteron Life forms are currently available on the e-App to all independent advisers to use for free with an Asteron Life spokesperson telling NZ Adviser their involvement with the e-App is part of a long-standing relationship with Konnect in the areas of medical and underwriting requirement management.

“We’re accepting eApp’s from the platform to enhance the application and underwriting experience for advisers and customers. We’ve had some really positive feedback from our advisers who are using the eApp platform.

“Asteron Life is committed to working with advisers and customers to build new and innovative product solutions and technologies, like our new quoting app launched last year.  

“We'll continue to differentiate ourselves by building digital platforms that support advisers and connect customers to financial solutions that enhance their financial wellbeing.”

On whether Konnect NET will target mortgage advisers next, Liebert told NZ Adviser it is an area they have had requests to look at.  

“Our initial review a year or two ago told us there’s some great potential for our solution here.  We’re mindful of taking on too much at once though, so our priority remains the insurance advisers and once this is truly humming we’d love to look at other opportunities.  

“The technology is there, the challenge with anything like this is delivering a solution that is genuinely adaptable to increase uptake.”

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