Leading bank provides Kiwis with financial knowhow

by Krizzel Canlas09 Aug 2018

BNZ has hosted a successful annual Closed for Good volunteer day, with thousands of Kiwis taking part in New Zealand’s biggest financial education experience.

Now in its ninth year, nearly 2,500 BNZ staff participated in the event and welcomed more than 15,000 preschoolers. This year, BNZ staff focused on pre-schools, high-schools, and retirement villages across the country.

According to BNZ chief executive officer Angie Mentis, getting New Zealanders to improve the country’s collective financial literacy is very important.

The event featured a specially-designed, interactive storybook called Penny the Penguin. It aimed at helping preschoolers understand the difference between needs and wants, and the importance of making good choices.

Another digital tool, My Moni app was presented to teens in secondary schools and older Kiwis to help them navigate through financial decisions, like buying their first car.

“We know how crucial it is for young people to start out with a good understanding about money, so we asked some experts how we could help,” Mentis said.

Additionally, BNZ introduced the Scam Savvy programme aimed at educating older New Zealanders on how to spot and avoid scams. It also comes with an Internet Banking Demo to help them become more confident using online banking.

These digital and interactive tools were created by BNZ in collaboration with partners including the Auckland Kindergarten Association, the Retirement Villages Association, and numerous high schools across the country. All three are now freely available online.


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