Money Week: Organisation urges advisers to spread wellbeing message

by Ksenia Stepanova05 Aug 2020

Financial Advice New Zealand is reminding advisers that it is running a series of free webinars for the public over the course of Money Week, which will run from 10 - 14 August.

Each day of Money Week, it will deliver an hour-long webinar to the public on various aspects of financial wellbeing. It is encouraging advisers to promote the series to their clients, and to help more people consider what they can do to improve their financial literacy and wellbeing.

CEO Katrina Shanks says the webinars are aiming to engage with the public as much as possible, and to encourage them to “consider the different areas of their financial lives” as well as “showcase financial advisers and their expertise.” The chosen topics for the webinars are financial planning, mortgages, insurance, retirement and investments.

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The current schedule is as follows:

Monday: Financial Planning – Hannah McQueen

Tuesday: Mortgages – John Bolton

Wednesday: Insurance – Peter Leitch

Thursday: Retirement – Liz Koh

Friday: Investment – Paul Sewell

Katrina Shanks says the impact of good advice on financial wellbeing can’t be underestimated, and the webinars will offer advisers the chance to demonstrate their value.

“At a time like this, taking time to review your finances and ensure you are building financial resilience is fundamentally important to ensure you have financial security in the future,” Shanks said.

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Webinar attendees will hbe able to interact with each hosting adviser and ask them questions, though this won’t be personalised advice - rather, it will be a guide in the right direction and will provide further options for consideration.

“At different times in your life you will be looking at and assessing your different financial needs,” Financial Advice NZ says. “These will involve planning and budgeting, savings and investing, buying a home, protecting your wealth, retirement, and protecting yourself.

“We are excited to bring to you a webinar series over Money Week to discuss different aspects of your financial wellbeing.”

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