Mortgage broker files petition to support first-home buyers

by Roxanne Libatique07 Apr 2021

Sarah Curtis Mortgages has filed a petition to Parliament to support first-home buyers (FHBs) purchasing and building in New Zealand.

Sarah Curtis Mortgages is urging the House of Representatives to pass legislation to remove house price caps from the criteria to access the first home grant, and remove the requirement to have a signed build contract to access the grant for a new build.

Sarah Curtis, the owner of Sarah Curtis Mortgages, stated that New Zealanders should be entitled to receive support when purchasing their first homes.

“The price caps, coupled with the income caps, are excluding too many first-home buyers from accessing the grant,” Curtis said in a statement.

“In addition, we believe the requirement for first-home buyers who are wanting to buy land and build to provide a fully completed build contract upon going unconditional on their land purchase means accessing the first home grant is impossible for the majority of new builds.”

The petition ends on April 30, 2021.

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