National: CGT will make things harder for first-time home buyers

by Duffie Osental27 Feb 2019

A spokesperson for the National Party said that the proposed capital gains tax (CGT) will make it difficult for first-time home buyers to purchase a home.

Amy Adams, National’s finance spokesperson, said that the CGT may drive-up rents and make it harder for first-time buyers to save.

“The Government’s Tax Working Group concluded that a CGT won’t help with housing affordability or high house prices and was likely to result in higher rents,” said Adams. “That’s a fail for one of the Government’s prime objectives in setting up the group.

“As well as seeing rents rise, which makes it harder to save for a deposit, many young New Zealanders take in boarders or flatmates to help with mortgage costs. Under the proposed regime, they’d be hit with capital gains tax if the flatmates are using more than half the property.

“Bringing in one of the most onerous capital tax systems in the world will do nothing to alleviate our housing shortage and will discourage New Zealanders from investing and saving. Instead it raises rents and shrinks the rental market as well as encouraging Kiwis to pull their money out of investments or assets that attract tax and put it into the family home, or offshore investments. It will encourage behaviour that does nothing to boost housing supply, productivity or retirement savings.

“National will fight the Government’s proposed tax grab every step of the way. We will repeal a capital gains tax and we will not introduce any new taxes in our first term. National believes New Zealanders should keep more of what they earn and don’t need ever more ways to be parted from their hard-earned dollars.”


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