National slams government for KiwiBuild disaster

by Roxanne Libatique29 May 2020

The National Party has slammed the government for the “ongoing KiwiBuild disaster” in Monark letting first-home buyers' hopes down.

The proposed housing development includes 44 KiwiBuild homes in Monark meant to be completed this year. However, the government has not yet started any building work despite buyers having paid their deposits.

Nicola Willis, the National Party's housing and urban development spokesperson, commented that home buyers might not get their money back, and the project might even get delayed for years.

“This is a betrayal. These first-home buyers put their trust in the government when they paid their deposits. They were sold the KiwiBuild promise, they paid their money, and now they've been left high and dry waiting for a home that remains a vacant site,” Willis said.

Willis is calling for Housing Minister Megan Woods to take action as the government had promised to build 5,000 homes by June 2020.

“Many of these buyers have their lives on hold because of the government's failure to deliver. This isn't good enough. KiwiBuild hasn't performed any better under Housing Minister Megan Woods, and she must fix this,” she said.

“With one month until the deadline, [the government] has only built 393. It's a colossal failure and emblematic of this government's habit of promising big but delivering little.”

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