New home consents remain high in July

by Roxanne Libatique03 Sep 2020

The number of new homes consented in July has remained high, according to the latest figures by Statistics New Zealand.

The latest data by Stats NZ showed 3,391 new homes consented in July, the third month in a row of relatively high numbers after a fall in April during the COVID-19 alert level 4 lockdown.

“More than 10,000 new homes were consented in the last three months – the largest three-month rolling total since the 1970s,” said Dave Adair, the acting construction indicators manager at Stats NZ.

“The high number of new homes consented was partly due to an increase in the number of townhouses, flats, and units. There may also be an element of catch-up after non-essential businesses closed in April.”

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Meanwhile, 6,805 consents were issued for additions and adjustments on stand-alone houses over the last three months, the second-highest three-month total since April 1990.

“An increase in the number of consents for additions and alterations for stand-alone houses in July coincides with the border closure because of COVID-19, so some money set aside for overseas holidays may have gone into fixing up homes,” Adair said.

“The high number of consents for new homes, as well as additions and alterations to stand-alone houses, is a positive sign for the residential construction industry, but it will take time to see if consents are actually carried through to construction.”

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