New platform launched to simplify property appraisal

by Roxanne Libatique12 Mar 2021

Christchurch entrepreneur Justin Castle has launched AppraiseMe, an online platform that simplifies property appraisal for homeowners and real estate agents through a secure online system.

The online platform’s service is free for homeowners who take photos of their property, add a few details, and post their property securely online for appraisal. Real estate agents then load their profile and access the list of properties.

Once the agents complete their appraisals, homeowners can compare appraisals and guide prices to see where their property sits in the market.

Castle, the director of AppraiseMe, said he created the online platform to improve the appraisal process that often frustrates agents and vendors due to lack of transparency.

“For homeowners, it takes the guess work out of finding out what their property is worth without the added sales pressure, while for real estate agents, the platform saves time they would normally spend cold calling. It’s a win-win,” Castle said.

“There is no obligation for property owners to choose a real estate agent and no obligation to sell. Plus, real estate agents are star rated by other vendors to increase transparency.”

The online AppraiseMe platform was developed over the past six months by Christchurch-based web design studio Meta Digital, then rigorously tested by vendors and real estate agents.

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