Non-face-to-face broker creates big impression with FHB market

by Abel Riototar21 Mar 2019

Among the pack of young brokers hoping to make a name in several market segments, First Home Buyers Australia (FHBA) coach Taj Singh stands out for his one-track vision.

“I thought it was time a first home buyer specialist organisation existed,” 2018 MPA Young Guns finalist Singh told MPA, sister publication of NZ Adviser. “Many in the industry don’t like dealing solely with first home buyers because they believe the market entails hard work due to affordability crisis.

"We found that providing a coaching service, where we get to do far more than the average broker and actually guide first home buyers throughout the entire journey, is something that was missing in the market.”

High five!
In 2015, a few months after launching First Home Buyers Australia, Singh and his former business partner Daniel Cohen, submitted a five-point petition plan requesting the federal and state governments to make the playing field easier for first home buyers to enter the property market.

The plan, which generated plenty of media attention, includes reducing interest costs tax deductibility from 100% deductable to 50% deductable, and providing first home buyers in every state a 50% stamp duty discount on existing dwellings and 100% discount on new dwellings.

“Going the extra mile is key to delivering and improving customer service. As I'm helping a lot of people make their first most significant transaction, I hope most of them will remember me," Singh said.

Going remote
Despite not having the same resources as his cashed-up competitors when he was starting out, Singh still managed to attract first home buyers to his non-face-to-face business.

When first home buyers saw the value Singh puts into the entire property-buying journey, and that he can be reached at a customer’s preferred hours, their trust on his remote service solidified. First home buyers can access all the tools, tips, and latest news they need at the FHBA website.

“As my service is non-face-to-face I’m able to be more efficient and productive. I’ve invested time and effort building a system that effectively allows me to communicate with my clients, and I’ve established a CRM that allows me to easily track where my clients are in their home-buying journey,” Singh said.

“By going remote, we can invest more time on coaching clients than just providing the home loan service and telling them to go do the rest themselves.”

Singh delegates data entry work to his strong admin team so he can spend longer hours coaching first home buyers.

In less than three years, Singh has helped several hundred first home buyers achieve the great Australian dream of home ownership, allowing him to be recognised as one of the country’s top 30 young brokers.

"I have only been able to accomplish this due to the trust placed on me by first home buyers across the country," he said.

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